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A successful Entrepreneur, Engineer, Researcher and Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner with nearly a decade of experience in life & relationship coaching


My Mission

Unlock Your True Potential. Find Your Purpose. Achieve Fulfilment

our mission at RCTV

I am passionately dedicated to assisting individuals in their pursuit of profound fulfilment by guiding them to discover their unique gifts and life purpose. Through the seamless integration of neurology, psychology, and spirituality, I empower individuals to unlock their true potential, nurturing a life of unwavering purpose, enduring happiness, and deep fulfilment. Through my platform, I aspire to serve as a guiding beacon, inspiring and fostering personal growth, self-discovery, and lasting transformation. Together, we embark on an extraordinary journey, leading to a life enriched by unwavering purpose, boundless happiness, and enduring fulfilment. This mission is my unwavering commitment, and I'm here to help you realize your fullest potential and experience the fulfilment you deserve.

Joel's story 

6 events that shaped my life forever 

Born Amidst Chaos: my Incredible Journey

From poverty to war and the experience of being refugees in Cameroon, my family and I  faced countless challenges. But our determination led us to find refuge and start anew in Australia.

Young Joel benesha determined to succeed

The Awakening: Igniting a Passion

After failing year 12, I experienced immense frustration, despair, and depression, pushing me to consider ending my life. However, this low point became a catalyst for change. Determined to conquer my internal battles, I embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Along the way, I discovered a secret formula that brought me happiness and fulfilment

Young Joel Benesha in highschool battling suicide

Rising Above: Inspiring Achievements and Boundless Success

Armed with my own experiences of despair and unfulfillment, I dedicated myself to helping others who battled similar challenges. My own transformation served as a beacon of hope as I shared my formula and guided individuals to tap into their hidden potential, breaking free from the grip of darkness.

speaker Joel benesha







My story begins in Congo Kinshasa, one of the poorest countries in the world, where he enters the world during a devastating civil war. Growing up in such a difficult environment, he learns the true meaning of resilience.

Joel Benesha was born in the Congo DRC during a war

Triumph Over Adversity: A Refugee's Journey

Even as a young child, I dreamed of achieving greatness. During my final year of high school I woke up at 4 am every morning to study, driven by a burning ambition and a commitment to becoming a mechatronic engineer. But the more I tried the worst my life was getting, failed school, failed relationships , failed job. I had hit my version of rock bottom.

Joel Benesha was always a gifted individual.  In this picture he is working on robotics

From Darkness to Enlightenment: Unveiling the Secret to fulfilment

My unwavering determination and commitment to personal growth propel me to remarkable heights. Through my relentless pursuit of excellence, I've become a beacon of inspiration, winning numerous awards and recognition for my achievements. My story resonates with others, proving that no matter the challenges faced, there is always a path to success and a brighter future

Winner of Croc pitch 2019 , Joel benesha is a Entrepreneur

Embracing the Power of Compassion: Guiding Others to Find fulfilment

Ready to break free from the grip of depression and take control of your life, let's get started.

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Giving Back to our Community

We Value


Relationships | Life is all about relationships

Relationships is essentially what life is all about, whether it be our relationship to our work, our family, our peers, our health and so on. 

Innovation | Innovation is imagination that creates reality

Innovation is the reason why everything that we see has objectified in our reality because it first came from one’s imagination.

Challenges | There is no growth without challenges

Challenges arise in each areas of our life because it is calling us to grow from that current state of being into something even greater. 

Honesty | Honesty provides clarity

Honesty allows us to understand each others worlds and it also enables us to have compassion towards one another.

Gratitude | Gratitude is the only attitude

From the attitude of gratitude can we truly live up to our full potential. 

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