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A 4-Step Guide to Help 
Optimise Your Relationship

how to create a fulfilling life with the one you love.

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Have you been feeling like your relationship is going nowhere? Have you ever felt like there is more to what you have? Do you think there is a deeper connection to be found with your partner? Are you struggling to find a sense of fulfillment and purpose in your relationship?


This short interactive eBook discusses the purpose of relationships and what it truly means to be in one. You will be given the opportunity to interact with your partner in a deliberate way and you will also gain clarity on how to enhance the quality of your relationship. Bernadette aims to tackle all areas of life with you and your partner, showing you both the importance of giving each area attention. Most essentially, Bernadette will give you the working grounds on where and how to start creating a fulfilling life together.

Mrs. Edwards is a psychology student, wife and mother – dedicated to building healthy relationships in families and romantic relationships. She has been through many of her own personal past relationships, but because without guidance, Bernadette has found most of her relationships to be self-seeking, unfulfilling and without purpose. It was not until she discovered the profound meaning of what relationships are created for, that she became driven to inspire others to experience the best of what it has to offer.    

Relationship ebook

Mrs. Bernadette Edwards

questions asked

Is this eBook only for couples?
It states that it is, as it will be most effective in couples. However, you are more than welcome to access it for your personal or future use.

What if my partner is not interested?
That’s okay, you can buy and hold it until they are or purchase it later.


4-Step Guide To Optimise Your Relationship
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